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Heatless Liquid Dam and Block Out Resin Light Cure


Impresil has been uniquely formulated to eliminate the problems associated with paint on dam materials.

- Does not produce heat when cured.

  Low exothermic reaction eliminates burning and

  pain assuring patient comfort.

- Does not run. A single application is light cured one time

  only. Eliminates multiple

  passes and multiple light curing procedures.

- Remains flexible after curing. Truly a rubber dam

  substitute, the rubbery cured material is easily removed

  and is tear resistant.



- Power bleaching: Impresil  is used to protect the gingival

  during power bleaching procedures.

- Block-out resin: Impresil  is used to block out undercuts

  and gingival embrasures prior to taking impressions for

  crowns and bridges.

- Sandblasting: Impresil  is used to mask and protect the

  gingiva during sandblasting. It is also placed on the

  areas of teeth to be masked during the sandblasting




3 x 3 ml syringes Impresil

20 applicator tips