Asba Core Automix


Multi-Purpose Core & Build-Up Resin

Moisture Tolerant • Fluoride Releasing • Dual Cure • Radiopaque


Contains No Bisphenol A, No BIS-GMA, No BPA Derivatives


Formulated for one-step post cementation and core build up,

ensuring a homogenous, one-piece internal structure.

Cuts like dentin.

Asba Core Automix is hard like dentin. Rotary instruments

transition smoothly from tooth to Asba Core and do not ditch,

gouge, gum up or chatter.

The unique moisture tolerant chemistry has self-adhesive

and self-etching properties.

Etching dentin and the use of bonding agents are optional

when there is retention form in the preparation.


Clinical Indications

• Post cement and core build-up

• Direct bonded core without a post

• Vital tooth build-up for crown prep

• Base/liner under restorations

• Repair lost fillings and broken splints

• Patch broken cusps and porcelain


Unique Features

• Unique moisture tolerant resin chemistry

• Self-adhesive / Self-etching to dentin

• Etching and bonding agents are optional

• Automix cartridge with angled tips for controlled dispensing



Automix Syringe 25 ml + 20 mixing tips




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