Fintrec Dead Soft Matrix Strip

Ultra-thin (.001"/.025mm), annealed stainless steel matrix material for use with amalgam and self-cure composites.

This extra-strong matrix has no memory and is the preferred ultra-thin matrix material.

Available in economical rolls, 6 m long, 8mm wide.


Fintrec Transparent Matrix Strip

Extra-thin (.002"/.05mm), light permeable, polyester matrix material for use with light cure or self-cure composites. Available in economical rolls, 18 m long, 8mm wide.


Fintrec  Transparent Wedges

Plastic Wedges (x250) in a wheel dispenser


They are applied with slight pressure in the interdental space.

Unit size fits into all interproximal spaces (0.5 - 2mm).

Bottom side silver-coated, light-reflecting.

Unique "daisy wheel" packaging provides convenient dispensing and storage.

No more spilled wedges.


Fintrec Matrix  Premolar and Molar

Are matrix bands which require matrix retainers.

They are made of soft, adaptable matrix band material

(.002" thick) which will not break or tear when

condensing amalgam.

Available molar or premolar in polyester material

in a box of 50 pcs.


Fintrec Transparent Matrix Retainer box (x3)



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