Blue Etch Jumbo

Dental Etching Gel  38% Phosphoric Acid


BLUE ETCH is a thixotropic phosphoric acid etch gel which stays in place and will not run onto exposed tissue. Syringe dispensing through pre-bent small gauge applicator tips offers precise placement of gel even in relatively inaccessible areas.

BLUE ETCH washes off easily with water.


• thixotropic

• stays where placed – will not run onto exposed tissue

• washes off easily without leaving any residue

• 15-second etch

• convenient syringe dispensing

• precise placement through small-gauge pre-bent

  applicator tips




2 x 25 ml syringes etching gel (for filling small syringes)

5 x 3ml empty syringes

50 dispenser needles


The bulk syringe should be used only

for filling empty 3ml syringes.

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