Rocanal R2

Permanent Vital


Rocanal™- Permanent Vital R2 is a permanent filling cement for the root canal system to be used after pulpectomie of a vital tooth.

Its unique action helps prevent contamination and protein decomposition which may remain after pulpal extraction particularly under anaerobic conditions.

A correct filling reaches the anatomical foramen. Rocanal permanent vital R2 allows the formation of an osteo-cementum, which biologically seals the apex.



• contains biocompatible OrthoPhenylPhenol (OPP);

• bactericide: prevents decomposition of pulp remnants;

• excellent sealing properties thanks to volumetric stability;

• contains no toxic ingredients;

• can be used with all common filling techniques;

• radiopaque without the addition of irritating substances.



5 ml liquid

8 g powder

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