Non-Setting Calcium Hydroxide Paste

pH >12 • Radiopaque • odorless


CONTROL™ is a smooth, creamy, non-setting calcium hydroxide preparation in an aqueous hydroxyethylcellulose base with barium sulfate. It is recommended for all clinical applications where calcium hydroxide paste is indicated. It is a dressing, not a hard base.


The calcium hydroxide contained in control with its strong alkaline pH creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of bacteria, at the same time stimulating the mechanism of hard tissue formation. Easy application by pre-bent dispenser needles.


Features / Indications:

• temporary and intermediate root canal therapy;

• direct pulp capping;

• dentin bridge formation;

• cavity lining and indirect pulp capping.



4 x 1,2 ml syringes, 8 needles

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