Rocanal Irrigation


Hydro-alcoholic rinsing solution used in dentistry for cleaning and preparing root canals.

For the dissolution and removal of intracanal residues of the pulp tissue, reduction of the germs and bacterial toxins. Rocanal Irrigation disinfects, cleans, lubricates and rinses in one step.

It is non-irritant and does not provoke swell nor pain.

Its packaging is secure and prevents any crosscontamination.

Simply use Rocanal Irrigation with a standard anesthetic syringe and needle or use a special

endo-irrigation needle.

Exclusively for canal irrigation,

not suitable as injection.



• low surface tension;

• fungicidal, bactericidal,  detergent, deodorant;

• effective even in presence of organic remnants;

• harmless to oral mucosa;

• no staining.



50 Cartridges of 1.8 ml

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