Dental Fresh

Mouthwash Tablets


Effervescent, refreshing and disinfectant tablets for the rinse of the oral cavity. The Dental Fresh tablets contain some essential oils with antiseptic and

anti-emetic properties.


Dental Fresh tablets contain:

Inorganic salts that develop a strong effervescent action with liberation of gas.


Organic tensides  that act as binders, detergents and solubilizers. They possess an anti- enzymatic effect.

They are harmless, well tolerated by the mucosa and do not leave an unpleasant taste.


Refreshing essential oils.


Disinfectants and astringents help the capillary circulation and are to a certain extent anti-emetic. They stimulate the salivary secretion determining thus an action of cleansing the oral cavity.




Box of 900 tablets.





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